Fuelling your

Re-ignite your
business passion

You started your business with a fire in your belly, but the pressure to get and stay ahead can be enough to extinguish that flame. Sometimes you just need a sounding board, a coach, or some tough love to hit that reset button and make the next big move for your business.

Enter your business into Nedbank Business Ignite on 702 or CapeTalk, and you could win a tailor-made incubation package with growth-experts Kaello Business Hub.

Ignite Your Business

“You get out of it what you put into it! Our outcomes are a reflection of our inputs.”

Tshepo Phakathi

“I am a believer in the notion that success is more attitudinal than it is aptitudinal.”

Tshepo Phakathi

“Incubation is meant to play a nurturing and developmental role for entrepreneurs. This process involves being a sounding board, a mentor, a facilitator, a critic, a supporter and often a disciplinarian.”

Tshepo Phakathi

“With incubation; failing entrepreneurs would survive, surviving entrepreneurs would thrive and the economy would create more jobs.”

Tshepo Phakathi

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