Nedbank helps small businesses do big things through innovative banking and beyond

As a small-business owner, you know it's not always smooth sailing, and finding the time to manage your banking and financial needs often adds to the pressure. You’ll be pleased to know, then, that Nedbank Small Business Services has extensive experience in serving businesses with an annual turnover of up to R30 million. We offer a comprehensive suite of payment, investment and finance solutions, as well as industry specialisation and services that extend beyond banking.

And, because your business and personal finances are so interdependent, Nedbank has designed a way of banking that allows you to manage both through a single point of contact: your dedicated relationship banker.

Banking at your fingertips

Our relationship bankers are supported by a dedicated contact centre team that is on call around the clock, seven days a week. Our Online Banking and award-winning Money app make it simple to manage all your banking needs side by side easily. Our MoneyTracker tool, which is available on both digital channels, is a free money management tool that allows you to track your finances, create budgets and more. You can create dashboards to track the finances of your household, business and side hustle; generate and manage invoices; as well as monitor in- and outflows of money so that you can reach your saving and investment goals faster.

Nedbank Small Business Services offers specialist expertise and solutions for the medical profession and embassies, including financial solutions for diplomats, embassy officials and non-residents. Our credit processes, policy and pricing cater for the complexities associated with multiple income streams, self-employed and juristic entities, and the specific risk profile of the small-business owner.

Easy, affordable banking for small-business owners

Our banking products are designed specifically to support small-business owners in terms of convenience, affordability and flexibility. Some of our innovations include the following:

  • Easy online business registration (through CIPC Online), with the ability to open your business account in one seamless step.
  • A business account with full functionality and that offers up to 40% savings on banking fees.
  • Discounts on merchant services as well as cheque and credit cards, providing business owners with valuable savings to add to their bottom line.

Our Startup Bundle offers sole proprietors or directors who are new to Nedbank zero fees for six months, 20 free digital transactions, and no charges for eNotes.

GapAccess, a merchant finance option, is available to more established businesses that use our merchant devices. We do not require financial statements to provide finance through this product.

Support beyond banking

Nedbank’s ‘banking and beyond’ support of small businesses goes beyond relevant and affordable banking solutions. Our value-added services to get and keep your business going include access to The Essential Guide for Small-business Owners; business registration services; and SimplyBiz, powered by Nedbank, a one-stop shop for business owners where they can get everything they need to fuel their business aspirations. SimplyBiz offers more than insights and networking – it offers a comprehensive selection of resources, business tools and funding solutions aimed at supporting business owners through their growth journey.

Visit to register and gain access to our community, a variety of business assets, competitions, polls, and anything else a small-business owner needs to grow a business, all in one place.

To find out more about how Nedbank can help you achieve your business and personal financial aspirations in one place, contact us on 0860 116 400, at, or