Meet Tshepo

Tshepo Phakathi is Founder of the Kaello Business Hub

He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Diploma in Banking.

Tshepo is also CEO of Phakathi Holdings - grown from Phakathi Capital, a corporate finance advisory company established by Phakathi in 2001, to a number of interests in transport, education, finance and IT.

Over the past 16 years, Phakathi has wrestled with the question of how to solve the problems of abject poverty and chronic joblessness in South Africa.

He describes this phenomenon as his “ultimate obsession”. At heart, he is a workaholic determined to solve the problem of unemployment in South Africa.

Phakathi decided to set up Kaello Business Hub, a mentorship hub that offers advice and mentorship to township-based businesses.

In 2016 he established, Start-Up Nation an initiative that seeks to make it easy to start a small business and hard to fail. His vision is to create a space in every township where entrepreneurs can go and receive help and advice.

Phakathi released a DVD in 2013 called Secrets of a Serial Entrepreneur, and a follow-up in 2017 called Master Class in Entrepreneurship.

A sought-after speaker and writer, he has published more than 300 columns for leading business publications.

Phakathi serves on a number of boards within and outside his group of companies. He is the ambassador for both the Eskom Business Investment Competition (BIC) as well as the Small Business Expo (SBE).

He has coached more than 2000 start-up entrepreneurs, written a book on how to profit from the soccer world cup (2004) and he co-authored a Financial Literacy program with FNB Bank which reached more than 35 million people in sub Saharan Africa in 13 different language.

“You get out of it what you put into it! Our outcomes are a reflection of our inputs.”

Tshepo Phakathi

“I am a believer in the notion that success is more attitudinal than it is aptitudinal.”

Tshepo Phakathi

“Incubation is meant to play a nurturing and developmental role for entrepreneurs. This process involves being a sounding board, a mentor, a facilitator, a critic, a supporter and often a disciplinarian.”

Tshepo Phakathi

“With incubation; failing entrepreneurs would survive, surviving entrepreneurs would thrive and the economy would create more jobs.”

Tshepo Phakathi

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