Our 2023 Nedbank Business Ignite Finalists


Boomba.mobi is a waste management business that manufactures organic compost using food waste.Because there are no plans in place in the township to help address the issue of food waste, community members are left with no choice but to mix food waste with other waste matters.

Eyedash Creatives

Producer of eco-friendly products. Eyedash Creatives create eco-friendly products using creative methods to turn waste into something valuable to the community they serve. They produce biodiesel from waste cooking oil collected from households and food outlets bought from community members.

Gencode Software Consulting

Gencode Software Consulting is a technology company specializing in laboratory informatics software. Their flagship product Prelink CloudLIMS has become the preferred solution in RSA, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania.

Reefer Shoes

Sustainable footwear brand Reefer Shoes creates their products from cork, hemp and recycled ocean plastic. Made from cork, hemp and recycled ocean plastic, Reefer Shoes marches firmly towards making our world a more sustainable place, one sole at a time.

AFLU Med Healthcare

AFLU Med Healthcare is a technology-driven evidence-based lifestyle disease management solutions company. AFLU Med Healthcare cut down medical practice operating costs by removing manual processes and the use of paper.

KTO Digital

KTO Digital offers data aggregator systems that help businesses manage risk through information data. J-Cred is a data aggregator system that helps businesses manage risk through information data from credible sources.

Kapablock (Pty) Ltd

This landfill-friendly company recycles glass bottles into fine glass granules that are repurposed for various applications.

Crismo Enterprise

Crismo Enterprise provides clinical trial expertise including research infrastructure to conduct a phase II to IV clinical study. The infrastructure includes qualified medical doctors who are researchers, pharmacists, research nurses and medical scientists.


Manufacturer of plastic-free coloured cement (also known as float and finish ) best for floors and walls. Cement screed is a more traditional method of floor screeding that is still to this day a very popular choice with industries (e.g. hospitals, schools, offices, etc).

Global Green Procurement Pty Ltd

Global Green Procurement Pty Ltd & Sandton Pools build and source energy-saving/water-saving pools and water features. In association with Sandton pools, Global Green Procurement build energy-saving/water-saving pools and water features.

Lacoona Legal

Lacoona provides legal, regulatory and business support in a more understandable, accessible and inexpensive way. Lacoona offers straightforward legal solutions and aims to make legal access possible for businesses and individual struggling to understand legal procedures.

Contour Enviro Group

Contour Enviro Group aims to educate and encourage the preservation of our natural surroundings. Contour Enviro Group is a conservation focused business. They provide a variety of services within the conservation fraternity with a strong focus in the Western Cape.